Allows reading and writing variables to KUKA robots using a TCP/IP connection

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JOpenShowVar is a Java open-source cross-platform communication interface to Kuka robots that allows for reading and writing variables and data structures of the controlled manipulators. This interface, which is compatible with all Kuka robots that use KR C4 and previous versions, runs as a client on a remote computer connected with the Kuka controller via TCP/IP. JOpenShowVar opens up to a variety of possible applications making it possible to use different input devices and to develop alternative control methods.

JOpenShowVar may be used to connect to a real KRC controller or a simulated one using the KUKA.OfficeLite package


KUKAVARPROXY must firstly be installed on the KUKA SmartPad (copy paste the folder to somewhere in the windows environment -> run KUKAVARPROXY.exe) Port 7000 has to set open from the SmartPad: Start-up -> Network configuration -> NAT -> Add port -> Port number 7000 and Permitted protocols: tcp/udp

Video showing a KUKA KR6 R900 sixx being controlled using JOpenShowVar as the communication interface

Example code

public class Example {

    private static String robotIP = "";
    private static int port = 7000;

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
        CrosscomClient client = new CrossComClient(robotIP, port);  //establish connection

        Callback readRequest = client.sendRequest(new Request(0, "$OV_JOG")); //read request

        Callback writeRequest = client.sendRequest(new Request(1, "$OV_JOG", "100")); //write request



A big thanks to Massimiliano Fago, which is the original author of KUKAVARPROXY and the C++ project OpenShowVar (